Liangzi Brand Background:

Liangzi was established in 1997 by owner Guo Fan Zhu in China. Originating in Henan province where the legendary art of tai-chi and Shaolin kung fu first began, the elegant Liangzi establishments have become a haven for Zen-like massage and relaxation. In addition to being a sanctuary of nurturing therapy - they have rapidly become an environment conducive to conducting serious business meetings in China.The unique and intense staff training system produces a dedicated and finely skilled work force which has increased their employment opportunities and social position, the majority whom are women.

The Liangzi Health Oasis:

The Liangzi Health Oasis reflects the natural purity and pristine beauty of ancient Chinese culture. Combining ancient Chinese medical intelligence and power of touch, our signature foot spa and massage, and full body massage therapy, mirror the balanced beauty of serenity in the midst of bustle Sydney lifestyle. Sipping high-grade and delicate Chinese herbal tea, and sharing a game of chess with your friends or business guests, the Liangzi Health Oasis would be the most ideal, comfortable, and elegant choice for you and your guests to indulge in.